26 March 2023
Free extremely fast and safe download Allyos - SocialStore v3.1.19 mod apk, you can also support the original version, use the Google package name (com.allyos.app) to search and download on Google Play.
Name Allyos – SocialStore
Category Shopping
Size 53.2MB
Popularity 5245
Publisher Allyos
Score 6.0
Publish Date 06/05/2022
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Mod Info:

Allyos – SocialStore

Allyos – SocialStore Game Introduction :

Discover a new way of shopping. Exciting crowd funding platform of premium products by using multi-discount your favourite brands offer.

Do you waste lots of time searching for the lowest prices?
Stop wasting your time using the old stores, here you decide the price of the item worth to you.

Are you tired of budgeting and always go with the cheaper items when shopping?
Stop breaking your own heart and go for your loved items, nothing is expensive here anymore.

What if you can try your luck anytime you buy something without risk or losses?
Forget any risky gaming or betting platform and let your favourite brands give you a free chance to buy your dream items from as low as $1.

Try your luck using Multi-Discount given by 200+ Premium Brands. Join the risk-free social auctions by the minimum bid of $1. It is called: Social Shopping.

This is not your regular store. It is different. Save your discount or play with discount. The only way of being able to buy anything for as low as $1, but the price is up to you. It cannot guarantee you winning, but it can guarantee you to never lose again.

How to get a free chance to buy luxury for even as low as $1?

We simply fund the items together using the innovative multi-discount provided by the top brands.
If you cannot find anything fancy to buy in the Store side and use the discount provided to join the Social side, simply go on and top up your balance. Use it as a bid anytime and if you are not the lucky one you never lose it. You can use it as a discount when shopping in the Store side.

• Start with the minimum wallet top up of $10. Wallet top up is 100% spendable pre-paid discount.
• Always try your luck first. Join any social shopping by the minimum of $1.
• Not the one selected? Don’t worry. You have zero risk. Use your added amount as discount to reduce the prices when shopping in the Store side.

Invite your friends. Only play & shop where you cannot lose.
Let your friends help you reach your desired dream items. One of you will take it. We are richer together.

• Classic online stores? No excitement, no extra value for your money. Discount offered by top brands can be used as bid.
• Gambling or lottery? Do not be a fool losing your ticket price and risking your hard-earned money. Try your odds for free.
• Traditional auction and bidding? Not the highest but a random bidder can buy the item. Participants are not your enemy here.

The question is always this simple: Are you in?

Not sure yet? Download the free app and come to the Help Center for more info. Use our 0-24 Live Chat in multiple languages. Gather on our social media groups and meet with thousands of successful and happy social shoppers.

Together, anything for a dollar.

Allyos – SocialStore

Allyos – SocialStore Game screenshot :

Allyos - SocialStore

Allyos - SocialStore

Allyos - SocialStore

Allyos - SocialStore

Allyos - SocialStore

Allyos - SocialStore

Allyos - SocialStore

Allyos – SocialStore (53.2MB)

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