29 January 2023
Free extremely fast and safe download Demon hunter Demon hunter v1.5.116.2014 mod apk, you can also support the original version, use the Google package name (com.novakids.busylifeworld) to search and download on Google Play.
Name Demon hunter Demon hunter
Category Casual
Size 366.0MB
Popularity 2889
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 26/11/2021
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Mod Info:

Demon hunter Demon hunter

Demon hunter Demon hunter Game Introduction :

–== Backstory ==–

Dream a thousand years, immortal sept. Lucifer, the head of the seven demons, tries to open the door of the demonic realm, opening the two worlds, and launching an endless war to destroy the world.

Things are waking up in the temple of Pluto, and things are stirring in Neverland. Heaven\’s ancient gods whisper, color the sky! The earth trembles with the devil\’s roar!

As a god of descent, you are determined to use courage, wisdom, fortitude to traverse this miracle continent, collect soul card to accumulate strength, one day defeat evil strong enemy, let the light of dawn shine on this world again!

–== Exciting activities ==–

For the first time, \”DemonHunter: The Awakening\” X \”All Party\” has launched cross-boundary cooperation to bring people together for public welfare and make life full of joy! Please pay attention to the latest official information!

–== Game features ==–

[Dark Art reinvents the magical age]

Full 3D fine modeling, reproducing classic dark art

Create a fantasy world, immersive adventure to bring the ultimate experience

Become a brave man, travel to the mysterious angel land, search for treasure and explore the secrets, experience epic mythology

[No liver no class high welfare explosion]

Direct version of the presentation, easy to play, VIP10 free delivery, the first day of easy access to 100,000 drill, offline also enjoy the benefits of hanging

Open trading market, senior props can be free circulation, hit treasure for money, do not store value can become a god

Reject inefficient, hunt wild BOSS out of print equipment, rare illusion appearance over ten times the explosion rate, mount wings easy to take, battle power soaring

[100 kinds of modeling original soul card transformation]

Domineering armor, elegant formal dress, leisure swimsuit, diverse fashion free collocation

Warlord of light, Queen of blades, Scarlet Nightmare, hundreds of mounts, minions, demons to obey

Collect all kinds of soul cards, free collocation skills, in the battle to transform into magic, sweep opponents

[Fantasy adventure variety of fancy play]

Features demon king growth system, the use of magic core evolution infinite BOSS, burst reward significantly increased

Abyss experience, demon King snipe, wise man duel, a variety of random copy, super battle force crushing, speed clearance

Parkour, fishing, fruit workshop, all kinds of fun, say goodbye to the dull brush brush

【 Friends unite to release the blood of battle 】

Join the Dragon Temple as a team, complete the cooperative BOSS challenge with your friends, and obtain the strongest ranking of the entire server

Ladder duel impact, wild PK raid, full suit chaos, a variety of PVP gameplay, blood

Sound the horn to capture the templar territory on behalf of the server and challenge the powerful enemies of The City of Gold across the server

–== Warm reminder ==–

※ Because this software involves violence and sex (the game characters wear clothes with prominent sexual characteristics), it is classified as secondary 12 according to the game software grading management method

※ This game is free to use, the game also provides the purchase of virtual game coins, goods and other payment services, please according to personal interest and ability to moderate consumption

※ Please pay attention to the game time, avoid addiction, playing games for a long time, easy to affect the rest, appropriate rest and exercise

Demon hunter Demon hunter Game screenshot :

Demon hunter Demon hunter

Demon hunter Demon hunter

Demon hunter Demon hunter

Demon hunter Demon hunter

Demon hunter Demon hunter (366.0MB)

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