31 March 2023
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Name Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD)
Category Adventure
Size 261.0MB
Popularity 4160
Publisher Alawar Entertainment, Inc.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 21/10/2021
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Mod Info:

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD) This Game Can Experience The Full Content
No hunger
Large currency(get when you start the game)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD) Game Introduction :

We cordially invite you to experience the world\’s first voyeur simulator. Through our hidden camera adventure, we can offer you a whole new realm of enticing opportunities, including:

• SPYING ON strangers through webcams and surveillance equipment!

• PRYING INTO the private lives of dozens of unwitting individuals!

• EXPERIENCING fun, shocking and appalling storylines!

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a digital voyeur sim in which you observe strangers through surveillance equipment. While you\’re allowed to invade their privacy and witness their most intimate moments, you are forbidden to interact with them. Anything could happen if you dare to \”feed the monkeys!\”

Oddly enough, most of our players have a hard time abiding by this simple rule! What about you? Will you help those on which you\’re spying? Will you extort or expose them? Or will you follow the rules and twiddle your thumbs while the world burns?

To keep you safe, we operate under the cover of a wildlife conservation society called The Primate Observation Club. To understand more about what we do, read this brief glossary of terms and then let us know if you\’re ready to join:

Primate Observation Club: That\’s us! We\’re a shadowy group that observes other people through surveillance equipment and compromised webcams.

You: Tired of your rundown apartment, dull existence and boring job, you are the newest member of the club.

Monkeys: The dozens of strangers who have fallen prey to your voyeurism.

Voyeurism: Exactly what you think it is (and also the reason we\’re rated \”Mature\”).

Privacy: Something the monkeys think they have.

Feeding the monkeys: Interacting or interfering with the subjects in any way. Feeding the monkeys is strictly prohibited!

Are you ready to become a member of The Primate Observation Club? All you have to remember is one simple rule: Do not feed the monkeys!

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Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD) Game screenshot :

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys(MOD) (261.0MB)

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