21 March 2023
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Name Fantasy life online
Category Casual
Size 1.6GB
Popularity 2239
Publisher Boltrend Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 26/09/2021
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Fantasy life online

Fantasy life online Game Introduction :

Japanese game company level-5 super popular host game \”fantasy life\” is an orthodox sequel, with 12 characteristic occupations to experience a colorful life; Team play, solo roaming, and the pace of life is controlled by you; Go out for adventure and build a village. Double play can be switched at will!

– game features –

※ twelve occupations, colorful life: freely switch occupations and enjoy fantasy life

Battle department, collection department and production department, three styles and twelve characteristic occupations can be switched freely. You can become the great God of the game without fighting! Here, division of labor, close fetters and enjoy life!

※ take risks seriously and live a relaxed life: double play can be changed at will, and being yourself is the most comfortable

Risk killing the enemy? Buddhist management? You decide how to play! It should be so simple to be a hero who saves fantasy Town, an expert who is proficient in professional skills, or a village owner who stands aloof from the world, taste life with his own attitude, relax and enjoy the fun of the game!

※ multi person fun, single person Carnival: four people form a team to cooperate, and one person immerses and enjoys

In adventure, exploration and village modes, up to 4 people can play in teams. Adventure with friends, or roam the world at your own pace. Different modes have different fun, and there are various achievements and rewards.

※ building villages and cultivating Leisure: creating beautiful settlements and cultivating roles

Plan your own exquisite village. Friends visit in person and share a warm atmosphere; Collect resources, cook, build weapons in the facility, and upgrade the role work! Invite friends to stay in the cabin, happy event super unfold!

※ hot blooded battle, epic adventure: sweep the dark demons and challenge the violent dragon

Black monsters mutating all over the world attract destructive dragons to explore on a vast map and challenge strong enemies on Crusade missions. Set out to take risks as the messenger of God to save the fantasy continent from the power of darkness!

※ luxury sound, dream gathering: Soul dubbing blessing, spend a wonderful life together

Ishikawa, a person in the Ishikawa community of Aoki Toshiko, Yukio Ishikawa, Masahiro uesaka, Yoshida katsuka, Akio Kozawa, Ya Li, Xianzhang Zhang, Yugui Shengu, Hiroshi Kimura, Liangping, xiaoqingshui, Yamei, Yoshiko Kobayashi, Yoshiko Takeo, Masao Sakurai, Yoshihiro City, Yoshihiro Shimono, Yoshida Yoshida, and yoshizuki Nagasaki Nagasaki Nagasaki Nagasaki, a South Aihua River in Nagasaka village Shu Huaze coriander pan め ぐ み Fukuyama runtengtian 咲 Fujiwara Qizhi Xigu Jiazheng Horie River Youyi Shuishu Nai Shuishui い り Miyake Jiantai stars す み Dahui mountain temple hongyiyou mubi and more than 40 other popular Japanese sound actors contribute to the fantasy life!

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※ the game is classified as auxiliary level 12 according to the hierarchical management measures of game software.

※ the game involves sex, violence, non bloody pictures of characters fighting, and the characters wear clothes with prominent features, but does not involve sexual cues.

※ please avoid indulging in games.

※ some contents of this game need to be paid separately.

※ minors or incapacitated persons can use the game service only with the consent of their legal representatives.

Fantasy life online Game screenshot :