21 March 2023
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Name Math Master Puzzles & Riddles
Category Puzzle
Size 61.0MB
Popularity 4814
Publisher DivineCode Productions
Score 6.0
Publish Date 26/05/2022
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Math Master Puzzles & Riddles

Math Master Puzzles & Riddles Game Introduction :

With a blend of logical problems, Math Master Puzzles & Riddles will raise your IQ. Challenge yourself with several levels of math games to push your mental boundaries. It is well known that mathematics has helped humans perform basic tasks since its inception. The exercises that you will find in this game will help in training your brain!

— We stand out from the competition
1. Minimalist design with 2 themes (dark & light)
2. Weekly updates with new puzzles & riddles
3. Global ranking across all devices
4. You have the possibility to submit problems directly in the game
5. Improved stats to track your progress
6. Support for multiple languages (we will add more languages in time)
7. We are always receptive to new ideas
8. We are always improving the game with new features
9. Play offline – no connection required

— Current supported languages
1. English
2. Romanian
3. French
4. Italian
5. Portuguese
6. Spanish
7. More soon – if you have a specific language request for Math Master Puzzles & Riddles, feel free to contact us. We will do our best!

— Who can play?
Everyone! Basic and complicated mathematical procedures learnt in school can be used to answer any query. For complicated and cognitive solutions, addition and subtraction are usually sufficient. Some problems will require addition subtraction multiplication and division operations in a specific order. Cognitive riddles are the type of puzzles that will pique the interest of intelligent people. Players with excellent analytical thinking abilities perceive the pattern in logical puzzles and arithmetic games at a different level.

— How to play?
You\’ll solve the numerical relationships in the geometrical figures and then fill in the missing numbers at the end. Chase the question mark and try to find a suitable answer that will be able to replace it. If your answer is good, you will receive another question and so on. For each correct answer, you will gain points. If you manage to solve multiple questions in a row, you will be rewarded with a bonus! Players with a strong analytical thinking ability will recognize the math pattern immediately.

— Submit problems in the game
You will find a separate page with all the details. First you will select the template, then you will fill the missing numbers and add specific hints and description of your algorithm. We will receive your problem and evaluate it. If it will be approved, you will find it in the next update having the author on top of it. We wanted to make everything simple and intuitive.

— Our goal
To become the biggest community where you can find all the interesting puzzles and riddles! Math is universal so everyone is invited, no matter the age or language!

— Benefits of puzzles & riddles
1. Logical puzzles and math games will improve attention and focusing
2. Brain games, like IQ tests, improve memory and perception abilities
3. Educational games can help you discover your true potential in school and in everyday life
4. Brain games can help improve your IQ
5. Logical puzzles will manage stress in an enjoyable way
6. Problem solving and logic skills will be enhanced

— Future updates
Math Master Puzzles & Riddles is constantly improving based on your feedback. We are always open to new ideas, so please don\’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us! New languages and more interesting problems will come soon!

— Important mentions
Math Master Puzzles & Riddles will always be a free game so that anybody interested in math games can play. You can always donate or watch ads in order to support the development!

— Contact us : [email protected]
1) Found a bug / mistake in the game
2) Translation problems
3) You want to replace some hints
4) Your problem was not approved
5) Have great ideas to improve the game

— Join us on social media

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