21 March 2023
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Name Scp 3008 Infinity Survivor(No Ads)
Category Role Playing
Size 40.0MB
Popularity 3000
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 10/03/2022
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Mod Info:

Scp 3008 Infinity Survivor(No Ads) No Ads

Scp 3008 Infinity Survivor(No Ads) Game Introduction :

A game based on the SCP universe. You will have to listen to the sounds and react correctly to the situation in order to survive in the dangerous SCP shopping center!

SCP-3008 is a large retail outlet that previously provided its services to a civilian, popular furniture retail chain.
A person who enters SCP 3008 through the main entrance and then leaves the field of view of the doors finds himself moved to SCP-3008-1. This movement usually goes unnoticed because nothing changes from the victims \’ point of view. As a rule, they do not realize what has happened until they try to return to the entrance.
SCP an area that resembles the interior of a furniture store, but goes far beyond what can physically fit into the size of a retail outlet. Current measurements show an area of at least 10 km2 with no visible external restrictions in any direction. Ambiguous results obtained using laser range finders have led to the opinion that this space can be infinite.
SCP is populated by an unknown number of civilians who were trapped before the facility was set up for maintenance. The data collected indicate that they formed a primitive civilization within SCP, including the creation of settlements and fortifications to protect themselves from SCP.
SCP are humanoid creatures that live inside SCP. Outwardly they resemble humans, but their bodily proportions are exaggerated and vary from case to case, and the growth of individual individuals may be too small or too large. They do not have facial features and in all cases observed wear yellow shirts and blue trousers that match the uniform of the store\’s employees.
The SCP has an elementary day-night cycle defined by the area\’s ceiling lighting, which turns on and off at a time consistent with the opening and closing times of the original outlet. During the\” night \” time, SCP individuals become aggressive to all other life forms within . As soon as the \”day\” comes, SCP individuals immediately become passive and begin to move around 1 without any apparent regularity. In this state, they do not respond to questions or other verbal cues.
One or more exits from are known to be inside, but they do not appear to have a clear location, making it difficult to leave SCP. Using any door other than the main entrance to visit the building, or destroying the wall of the outlet, leads to entering the interior of the original store.
A total of 14 subjects managed to leave SCP 3008. After a detailed interrogation, all of them were treated with amnesiacs and released.

Scp 3008 Infinity Survivor(No Ads) Game screenshot :

Scp 3008 Infinity Survivor(No Ads)

Scp 3008 Infinity Survivor(No Ads)

Scp 3008 Infinity Survivor(No Ads)

Scp 3008 Infinity Survivor(No Ads)

Scp 3008 Infinity Survivor(No Ads) (40.0MB)

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