26 March 2023
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Name Supermarket Village
Category Simulation
Size 136.9MB
Popularity 1264
Publisher Codigames
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/07/2022
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Supermarket Village Free Upgrade

Supermarket Village Game Introduction :

Supermarket Village MOD APK is a modern farm-management simulation game combined with city construction. There is so much to do and so many areas to experience in this little game.

Introduce about Supermarket Village

Going from a supermarket owner to a big city owner, the road is tough but wide open!

In business management, there are many open paths and countless steps to help you develop. If you have not yet imagined the scale of these open stairs, playing Supermarket Village will probably help you a lot.

Supermarket Village is a game that simulates the process of maximum business expansion, both in terms of scale and field of operation. You will start as the owner of a supermarket, then build your farm, and be the provider for all the nutritional needs and necessities in the area. Next, you will build your factories to produce products from the farm’s agricultural products, then expand the supply chain to residents in the city. Finally, build your own city with all the necessary amenities and products (from necessities to high-end items).

From a supermarket owner to a farm owner

You have a supermarket in your new town. Becoming the manager of a supermarket means that you must take care of everything inside and outside to help the supermarket expand and be trusted more.

With the rapid expansion, products from outside suppliers gradually become insufficient. There is an urgent need that you must build your farm to produce essential items for the area.

At the farm, you decide to choose varieties to plant, change the seasons, set prices for agricultural products, raise livestock and poultry, collect meat and eggs. Process and put all these agricultural products into the supermarket as a richer supply for the supermarket.

Supermarkets are growing stronger; you open more branches and new supply chains. Agricultural products are no longer dependent on outsiders. The farm is getting bigger and bigger with more workers and a variety of finished products.

But now another need arises. Other necessities related to daily life are in short supply or dependent on outsiders, which is similar to the situation that happened with agricultural products. Faced with that situation, you decide to make a new turning point.

Expand your farm and start building your own large-scale production factories

Only factories can make the rest of those necessities. Your bold decision is to enter the industry. You calculate the flow of your investments and start building your first manufacturing plant. This factory serves to produce products of agricultural origin from your very large farm.

The second, third, fourth factory… continue to be born to bring more diverse life products to people in the region. Simultaneously, you diversify product lines, bringing more stability to the supply chain. You can now be called the regional supply magnate providing all kinds of products from raw agricultural products to processed goods and daily essentials. Almost the whole city’s operations are starting to shift around you.

From making the supply chains, factory chains to building your own city

There are supermarkets, farms, and factories in your hand, but those are not enough. Do you dream of building your small dream city? Now the time has come.

Using the steady profits from the above sales and production system, you will gradually improve and expand your town. Build new buildings, bring factories into industrial zones, create new supermarket chains, take advantage of the most modern new technologies in their factories to increase productivity, reinvest profits through a closed product loop and the growing needs of the people in the region. The small town is now much more modern, busier, and richer. The whole face of the city has almost completely changed. It’s thanks to your great work.

Outstanding features of Supermarket Village

To emulate every little detail in the expansion of this epic business model, Supermarket Village offers a range of convenient features for every player. They can be mentioned as:

  • Simple operation, but highly strategic, it requires thinking about many different aspects in each decision
  • Easy-to-understand and friendly management system
  • Balance in cash flow and good strides
  • 3D city that is seen from above with fun graphics, vivid colors
  • So many characters to meet and interact with

Supermarket Village Game screenshot :

Supermarket Village(Free Upgrade) screenshot image 1
Supermarket Village(Free Upgrade) screenshot image 2
Supermarket Village(Free Upgrade) screenshot image 3

Supermarket Village (136.9MB)

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