27 November 2022
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Name Text Scan Pro – Text OCR Recognition
Category Productivity
Size 37.7MB
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Publisher Infozone Inc.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 17/05/2022
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Text Scan Pro – Text OCR Recognition

Text Scan Pro – Text OCR Recognition Game Introduction :

You do not have to worry about typing on the keyboard while viewing the document.
You do not need to memorize the contents of the output documents.
The document recognition app will do it for you.
The document recognition app supports the following features:
● Extract text from pictures.
– Capture documents with the camera and quickly and accurately convert them into text within seconds.
– You can easily extract text from a picture by simply shooting without complicated operations.
– Document images already taken from the gallery can also be converted to text.
● You can jump directly to the link contained in the recognized text.
– Tap the URL of the recognized text to launch the browser and go to the website immediately.
– Tap the email address of the recognized text to launch the email app right away.
– You can dial a phone number of recognized text immediately.
● Recognized photos and text are automatically saved in your app\’s history.
– Recognition history is saved automatically, without having to remember when you recognized it.
– Recognition history allows you to check previously recognized pictures and text.
– By entering the keywords you are looking for, you can search for recognition history and find documents easily.
– By grouping by date, you can check the recognition history at a glance.
– A summary of the recognized text is displayed so you can check the contents of the document immediately.
● Share pictures and recognized text.
– Send to your business partners, friends and acquaintances using email, MMS.
– Share what is recognized as SNS.
– Recognized text can be edited. Edit and share what you need.
● Recognized text can be copied to the clipboard and used in other apps.
– Copy the recognized text to the clipboard and paste it into the document editor app.
● Create PDF documents from images.
– Create a PDF document of the photographed documents.
● You can enlarge the recognized image.
– Use two fingers to magnify the image and compare it with recognized text.
● Translate recognized text.
– Linked directly with the Google translation app.

Text Scan Pro – Text OCR Recognition Game screenshot :