8 February 2023

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Name Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server)
Category Role Playing
Size 1006.7MB
Popularity 2023
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 19/10/2021
Download Download Mod Apk
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Mod Info:

Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server)

Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server) Game Introduction :

[No. 1 in Japan on dual platforms, Japanese national-level RPG masterpiece]
Japan’s No. 1 dual-platform national-level RPG masterpiece is here, and adventurers set off right away! An orthodox mobile game adapted from a Japanese legendary RPG, adventurers will join Yatru to fight monsters in the Canaan Islands to hunt for treasures, meet the beautiful Leda elves, uncover the secrets of the legendary winged men, and start a touch and passion Intertwined adventure.

[Fully supervised by Falcom, 30 years of classic reproduction]
Fully supervised by Falcom, it reproduces the original world of \”Ys VI\”, including all the characters including Atru, Oluha, Isha, Green Water Cave, Symis Island, Gulana Canyon, Classic maps such as Leda tribes appear in a more refined form, perfectly recreating the story of royal blood and moving plot.

[High-degree-of-freedom adventure experience with partners to explore the mystery of the world]
Adventurers who yearn for freedom never fear the vast and boundless world. You can meet kind elves in the Leda tribe or go to the fountain of prayer to challenge the lost dragon. When adventuring with Yatru, you can also meet like-minded adventure partners, form your strongest brigade, and uncover the mystery of the world of Ys.

[Four major careers free choice, advanced transfer personality development]
A warrior with close height defense, a mage who attacks group injuries from a distance, a ranger who heals in a group, an assassin who is a melee raid…Four classic professions are available for experience, and diversified advancement and transfer directions will also be provided. Goddess Yaluma will guide You make the most suitable choice. Personality development. More careers with diverse skills will be launched in the future, so stay tuned!

[Sweet Encounter in Destiny and a Romantic Journey with TA]
In the adventurer\’s journey, sweet encounters with surprises are indispensable. Destiny will guide you to embark on a romantic adventure and lead your dating partner to your side. When you meet someone who is thrilled, you can join the TA to walk into the sacred wedding hall and make a promise to the next life under the witness of the goddess Yaluma.

[Easy life as you want, cute pets are no longer lonely with each other]
In the world of Ys, bloody battles are not a permanent routine. Casual farming, easy cooking, and home furnishing will soothe the adventurer\’s mind and get a moment of tranquility and peace in the exciting adventure. Pets are not just lovely companions who bring you company, they can also join your adventure battles and help you.

[Japan’s All-Star Voice Actor Lineup Reproduces the First Passion and Passion]
Japanese celebrities such as Yuki Kaji, Tomoichi Seki, Yui Ishikawa, Yui Ogura, Tomaki Maeno and other Japanese star voice actors gave their voices. At the same time, all the classic BGMs of \”Ys VI\” are included, leading the adventurers to dream back to the Canaan Islands and reveal the wings The legends of people and the secrets of the Ark, appreciate the initial passion and emotion.

Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server) Game screenshot :

Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server)

Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server)

Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server)

Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server)

Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server)

Yisu 6~Nabistine’s Ark~ (Taiwan server) (1006.7MB)

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